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  • "Adam Mamawala is ready for Prime Time!!! I hired Adam to host a pilot for a game show and he was absolutely brilliant. Though he is a standup comic one would think that he has been hosting game shows for years. He was in complete control from start to finish. He remembered his lines, made the contestants feel comfortable, added just the right amount of humor and needed no direction from the producer. Mother Nature was uncooperative during the taping but Adam did not flinch. He stayed focused and composed the entire time. At one point I asked Adam to entertain the crowd and he had the whole room hysterically laughing. What an amazing talent! Thank You Adam!!!

Myriam Jean-Gilles, Creator/Executive Producer, Celebrity Jackpot


  • "Adam was the perfect addition to our After Prom Party. He quickly grabbed the audience's attention and had everyone laughing from the very start of his performance. His comedic styling is perfect for any age range and event. Attendees felt as if we were in a comedy club in NYC without even leaving our small town. I would recommend Adam for any event and hope to see him at my college in the fall!"

Kristen Burke, Event Coordinator, Yorktown High School Post Prom, Yorktown, NY


  • "Adam was a sensational addition to our event! Nothing but a true professional and a very VERY funny man. We were in constant communication from the day I contacted him and he made me feel as if he truly cared about the event whether it was asking what type of comedy I was looking for, any specific jokes I wanted from his previous sets, and even what attire should be worn the night of the party. The night of the event was a home run, the man showed up early, had everyone laughing from the get-go and even stayed to chat it up with some of the guests. I would highly recommend booking him for your next event!"

Breon Levons, Event Planner (for his father's 50th birthday celebration) 


  • "Adam Mamawala Funny Funny Funny! Adam entertained a group of us for a private event recently; it was nonstop laughter from the moment he literally walked in until he concluded his set.  He made us laugh with his witty observations from his own life, his Obama impersonation and customized some personalized material based on our own background information that was provided in advance.  Everyone was still buzzing about Adam’s comedy even weeks later, as he left a memorable impression on all of us!  He has a broad appeal because of his unique background and experiences that easily translate to different generations and ethnicities. Outside of the comedy itself, Adam was very easily accessible and timely at all times and professional in his demeanor, approach and communications. He is someone that will be mainstream and can easily see him in TV and movies in the near future!  Highly recommend to hire him for your event whether it’s a fundraiser, birthday, anniversary, etc. 

A. Patel, Event Planner (for wife's surprise 40th birthday party)

  • "Adam is absolutely fantastic! His comedy is perfect for any audience, but he really made an impact on the crowd when he performed at our university. Students could not stop raving about him and his great performance! Adam is a seasoned performer on stage - comfortable, confident and talented! Booking him was a great decision and we could not have asked for anything better!"

Austin Arias - Director of Stage Acts, Harborside Activities Board, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, FL


  • "Adam Mamawala came to Clarion University to headline our UAB Fall Comedy Show. Without a doubt he was the best comedian we have brought and was an absolute pleasure to work with. People are STILL talking about him and his show (and proudly sporting the Jimmies or Jamals t-shirt!) Adam's show brought the best turn a comedy show has brought for a long time! We already have requests to bring him back to the campus. Adam was not only great on the stage but he was so fun to hang out with before and after the show! Adam is the perfect comedian for the college crowd! It's only a matter of time that he will become the next big thing!!"

Maggie Abrams - UAB Chair, Clarion University, PA


  • "This was the second time I have seen Adam’s performance and let me just say that it gets better each year. He is SAB’s favorite comedian to bring to campus, and the students certainly agree. Not only are his jokes hilarious, but he is also personable with the audience. SAB has gotten amazing feedback on Adam and students are begging for more! Not to mention, he is the only comedian who can actually fill a room on our campus. Adam is the best way to go for any comedy event on campus!"

Carolyn Walker - SAB Vice President Marketing, Monmouth University, NJ


  • "When Adam came to Radford University to do a 15 minute opening set for our comedian Joel McHale, I don’t think he had any idea that his 15 minute set was going to be a full one hour set due to a few problems with Joel McHale's flight. He was able to keep the crowd’s attention the whole time! I cannot thank him enough for saving the show. I love seeing his shirt when I am walking through campus. It just brings back memories of a wonderful show that was saved by Adam!"

K Vall - President, Student Programming & Campus Events (R-SPaCE), Radford University, VA


  • "Adam's show was by far my best event as the C.A.B. Coffeehouse Chair as well as one of C.A.B.'s most successful comedians in years. We had to start bringing chairs in from outside because of the turnout and people were still standing in the back. There was not one moment that I or the audience stopped laughing."

Lisa O'Reilly - C.A.B. Coffeehouse Chair - East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA


  • "Adam Mamawala was our first comedian of the semester, and he certainly got things off to a great start! At a small school like mine, it’s hard to expect a huge turnout, but Adam had the venue packed with students. He not only had the crowd roaring with laughs, but people kept talking about it for weeks. (I still see his T-shirts around campus!) Really funny, personable, and quick on his feet, Adam is an ideal college performer!"

Jillian Bevacqua - MAC Comedy Chair, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA (2010 show)


  • "I saw Adam Mamawala perform as a freshman, and he was one of the reasons I wanted to become Comedy Chair. A year later, he performed again, and being able to talk to such a down-to-earth, humble comedian was a great experience for me, and, for the campus community as a whole, Adam really was perfect for kicking off this semester. An overwhelming amount of students attended and responded really well to his style of comedy as well as his equally witty and personable off-stage demeanor, and the buzz has far from died down, proving his immense talent and appeal across college campuses!"

Sara Grasberg - MAC Comedy Chair, Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA (2011 show)


  • "At a small school like ours, we usually measure the success of an event by student feedback rather than how many attend. Not only did we have a great turnout, but I had never seen the audience so engaged or laughing so hard! He was the perfect comedian for our college's audience- making an instant connection with them and leaving them talking (and wearing his t-shirts) for weeks after. Adam was easy and fun to work with and our students are demanding for his return."

Carolyn Hegel - Director of the Board of Programmers, College of Mount Saint Vincent, NY


  • "As we near finals week, it’s hard to draw a big crowd for our weekly comedy series here at the University of Delaware. Every once in a while, however, I’m surprised. This semester we were lucky to have Adam Mamawala, who kept our audience of 70+ students laughing. I was trying to work on a paper but barely got two sentences down as my sides started hurting from laughing so hard. Adam's set was hilarious and relevant to college students anywhere. He is clever, engaging and articulate when it comes to his comedy- and I think that combination is hard to find. Adam was a pleasure to work with and really left an impression with the audience; aside from eagerly buying his shirts, many students asked if he would be back next semester. Adam was hilarious and was an awesome addition to our semester’s Coffeehouse Series!"

Kristian Contreras - Coffeehouse Chair, Student Centers Programming Advisory Board (SCPAB), University of Delaware, DE


  • "Adam's performance at WJU was hilarious and engaging. The students loved the show and are already asking for him to come back! It was also a relief that he delivered an entertaining show while staying within the confines of content for a religiously-affiliated school. He was a pleasure to work with, and we can't wait to have him back again!"

Mary Lu Adams, Coordinator of Student Programming, Wheeling Jesuit University, WV


  • "Adam was a fantastic performer to work with. From the time he arrived on campus until he returned to his hotel Adam was cheerful, easy going, and laid back. His performance kept the audience laughing the entire show. “Adam is an ideal college performer and keeps students laughing all night; ERAU was honored to have his as a guest.” (Horizons Newspaper), “He was one of the funniest comedians to have ever come to our school.” (Horizons Newspaper), and “Booking his act was definitely an excellent decision” (Horizons Newspaper) are only a few of the glowing reviews made by audience member. Adam is definitely an act we would book again!"

Jesse Cole- BCA Chair, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, AZ


  • "Adam was extremely fun and easy to work with, which made his show that much more entertaining. His ability to get everyone in the crowd to laugh was phenomenal. Every student who heard him perform has asked me to invite him to Bryant University again. I haven't met a comic so down to earth and fun to be around!"

Andrew Lagana, Comedy Chair, Student Programing Board, Bryant University, RI


  • "Adam was absolutely fabulous! The students loved him and there was a big turn out (120+ students). Adam kept us laughing the whole time and really related to the students. He also appropriately edited his performance to the needs of our school. All together he was great and I'm sure in the future our school would love to have him back. Thanks for working so hard on helping us get him here."

Danielle Hawley - Club Entertainment Chair - Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA


  • "Adam is hilarious! A perfect booking for a college crowd. His act was funny and smart. The audience was completely engaged and the venue was packed! The buzz around the campus after his performance was incredible. Awesome, funny, great to work with. Thanks, Adam!"

Zachary D’Orsi, Live @ The Loft Chair, Programming Council, Wheaton College, MA


  • "My Centralia College Student Activities Admissions Team got everything we were hoping for and more when Adam performed at Centralia College’s comedy night. He had everyone in the crowd laughing uncontrollably, and hanging in anticipation on his every sentence. I would strongly recommend Adam Mamawala to any college or university, as he was incredibly easy to work with, a pleasure to host, and a fantastic performer."

  • Ronnie Neumann, Entertainment Coordinator, Centralia College, WA